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Receive Notifications in Private , Groups and Channels
Send any form of messages in real time. See some examples of use cases with our Interactive Telegram
Private Messages
Group Messages
Standard API You Already Know
A POST request to our API endpoint is all it takes.
Batteries Included
Working code examples right out of the box. Just copy and paste.
3// NotifyXF.php
5namespace App;
7use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Http;
9class NotifyXF
11 public function send($message)
12 {
13 return Http::post('', [
14 'access_token' => '...',
15 'message' => $message,
16 'handle' => 'notifyxf-matters',
17 ]);
18 }
21// Usage
22app(NotifyXF::class)->send("New User Signup! {$user->email}");
Examples of codes you can access in your dashboard with your access token included
Code examples are available in all these languages with more added regularly
Monitor Website Uptime
You can also setup websites to monitor and be the first to know when your website is down.
Is NotifyXF for me?
NotifyXF is for everyone who are looking for a quick and convenient way to receive notification for events that's happening on your website or server.
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Hi! I'm Jason
As a technical founder of several web companies, I have to deal with server related issues as well as business related events as and when it's happening.

For these reasons, I was looking for a way to receive notifications in real time . It should be easy to implement as well as I will need to use it throughout all my servers and web applications.

This is why I created NotifyXF. I was able to fully implement into all my apps within minutes! I hope this product will serve you as well as it does for me. Feel free to msg me if you require any help or simply to say hi!
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